2018’s Top TV’s

2018’s Top TV’s

The way we watch TV has changed dramatically, streaming services are a huge part of this but that doesn’t mean that the way we buy our TV’s is changing.

Although 2018 has just started we are looking at the best Televisions available on the market at the moment. With the likes of HBO making TV Series’ that are rivalling Hollywood blockbusters people are investing in home entertainment systems that can get the best of that.

If people are willing to spend a considerable amount of their surround sound systems they will want a picture to rival that quality.

Though the big, boxy TV sets that we all used to have are now a thing of the past, when it comes to your TV Screen, size matters.

In 2009 only 32% of TV’s sold had a a 40+ inch screen, compare that with the 63% in 2014 and you can see how that is changing.

Sony KD-65A1

If size matters for you then this 65 inch behemoth should be enough to whet your appetite. 4K, HDR and the ability to brag about this beauty to your friends will set you back around £3.5k but you will be getting an almost cinema like experience from your TV. If 65 inches is a bit much then there is also a 55 inch option available.

Available for around £1500 this is another striking piece for your living room that can deliver with a wonderful performance.

Panasonic TX-58DX802

This unique 58 inch LCD Tv also offers LED edge lighting to add to the ambience of your TV experience. Because of its sleek design the sound comes from an external soundbar which is a lot better than them trying to compromise on the design.

Samsung UE49MU7000T

If you are looking for a good option under £1k then the Samsung UE49MU7000T is a great option. 49 inch edge lit LCD screen, 4K and HDR this smart TV is easy to set up and has a great picture quality.

Dropping in price from £1100 to around £750 it is probably the best option we have seen for people on a budget that still want to enjoy a great TV.

Because your TV can last you a good few years it is important that you invest in a good one that you will enjoy. Take into account the size of your room when you are looking as well because a 65 inch screen could be too over powering for some homes.

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