The Best Battery Life

The Best Battery Life

This debate has rumbled on for years and finally came to a head at the end of 2017 when Apple admitted to slowing down the some of its older devices. Their argument was that they did this to prolong the life of the devices in question.

Following the fallout from that revelation, it was announced that Apple would reduce the cost of battery replacements on out of warranty devices from around £75 to £25. Other new developments are that they have now said they will make this feature optional in future but stand by saying it is better for your device in the long run to allow these changes.

Despite still having a grip on the mobile phone market it might start to push people to finally start looking elsewhere for their next mobile device.

We thought we would have a look at some of the mobiles currently available to see which work out best for their battery life. The old argument of mobiles lasting for days no longer holds water because back then we didn’t use them as cameras, camcorders, computers, gaming devices or personal stereos.

Currently the Lenovo P2, Huawei Mate 10, Motorola Moto7 Play and Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and Galaxy Note are all leading the way but that doesn’t mean you should write off any other phones.

These days charging points and plugs are becoming more and more available as services understand their customers need more. Coffee shops, fast food outlets and public transport all understand this so as long as you have your charging wire with you will be fine.

A good option for people on the move that won’t have the opportunity to sit next to a charging point is mobile battery packs. Small and handy you just plug the usb cable into it and it charges your phone. You can pick them up for fairly reasonable prices now and you tend to get a couple of full charges from one power pack. To recharge you just plug it in when you get back in to your house.

There you have it, battery life on your mobile doesn’t have to run your life. With so many options available to you it should actually be dropping down the pecking order when it comes time for you to upgrade. People are now more interested in the quality of their screen and camera when they are picking their phones but that topic is for another day.

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