The Best Sky Boxsets

The Best Sky Boxsets

The way we watch our favourite programmes has changed dramatically in the last few years. Binge watching boxsets has become the norm where people immerse themselves in a show from start to finish without watching anything else.

Of course, we still tune in to programmes on their weekly release, the fear of spoilers often prompts people to digest their top shows as and when they are released rather than waiting for the finale to watch it all in a solid block.

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime have been a major catalyst in this new trend while companies like Sky embrace both concepts by giving their customers a varied entertainment package that includes all the latest releases from entertainment to movies as well as top sport packages and more.

As well as this Sky now offer a box set package on some of the best shows that let its customers enjoy the whole series as and when they want to watch it.

We thought we would look at some of the best Boxsets available on Sky at the moment to help you make up your mind when you are skipping through all the options available to you.


Reimagining the story of Hannibal Lector, in this intellectual crime thriller Mads Mikkelsen does the almost impossible by letting you enjoy his performance without constant comparisons to Anthony Hopkins. A great series that, in some people’s eyes, ended too quickly.

Mad Men

Advertising in the 60’s was a dog eat dog world. This story follows the life of Don Draper, his daytime drinking and his womanising. A great series that captures the styles and attitudes of a different era and also spawned thousands of ‘Donabees’ (Don Wannabees for thos that necer saw that coming).


If you are looking for something with a good few series that doesn’t take itself too seriously then Entourage could be the one for you. Based loosely on Mark Wahlberg’s life, moving to LA from Boston, the show follows Vincent Chase and his friends and family.

Probably the biggest success story from Entourage was Jeremy Piven’s portrayal of ruthless agent Ari Gold. There are a few stories in here that are taken straight from the real world and is an interesting and often funny look behind the Hollywood curtain.

Modern Family

Modern Family is THE sitcom for the modern generations, tacking everything from sexuality to race without getting too preachy.

A genuinely funny series that lets you see the stars grow like a real family. This is another series that has a number of season’s to keep you entertained.


Our last recommendation is Justified. Starring Timothy Olyphant as a local lawman that finds himself in situations that make him test his own principles, Justified is an excellent series.

Fans of The Sopranos or The Shield will like this even if it does have a certain aura of Wild West about it at times.

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